Welcome to Woodsmithery

Hello, and thank you for popping in to Woodsmithery.co.uk

This is a simple site for the moment, designed to give visitors a little detail about us (read: ‘me’) and what we (‘I’) do. If things go according to plan it will be updated as time goes on and there may even be a little bit of bloggery to highlight some of the things I’m up to or have a whinge about the latest stuff to go wrong in the workshop.

If you like what you see please take a moment to go to the Woodsmithery Shop page – or go straight to Etsy – where you’ll find a few finished projects available for sale.

I’m happy to consider commissions too (although I can’t guarantee anything!) – just go to the Contact page and fill out the form. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. You can also contact me direct via email at info@woodsmithery.co.uk

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