Woodsmithery is a very small woodturning studio based in Pattingham, UK, out in the Staffordshire countryside.

By ‘very small’ I mean ‘one person’ – me – and by ‘studio’ I mean ‘single garage beside my house’. I tend to call it ‘the workshop’ because that’s mid-way between pretentious and… well… garage.

I started turning after my father-in-law one day brought over an old Rexon WL-12a lathe which he’d liberated from somewhere but didn’t have room for, and I’ve been messing around with wood ever since as well as selling a few bits and pieces in my friend’s shop in Ludlow, Shropshire (Eclectica website).

The workshop

My workshop features most of the things I need – a bandsaw, chopsaw, various sanders, a dust extractor, the little Rexon and a mighty Union Graduate which handles the big stuff. To be honest there’s not a whole lot of room for me.

Blanks – mostly pitch pine, elm, oak spindles, spalted beech and a few other random things

Most of the wood I use has been donated by friends, family and neighbours (for firewood as well as making stuff), so is often locally-grown, and because I have neither the patience or room to dry wood out for years I often turn things ‘green’ then try to dry them slowly. Some bits also come via the magic of eBay and I have a small stockpile of bowl blanks and other bits waiting in the workshop to have inspiration thrown in their general direction.

Grumble the dog selecting a lovely piece of sweet chestnut from one of the growing wood piles

That’s about it, really. Exciting, eh?

If you’re from round these ‘ere parts and fancy something locally-made to keep your apples in or you’re from anywhere else in the world and want to help put bread on my table then please take a look at the Woodsmithery shop where something might just catch your eye. I’m adding new things reasonably regularly so feel free to bookmark this site and pop in again soon!

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  1. Delighted to number among your growing band of followers and customers. The two you’ve done for us are quite beautiful. More power to your lathe!

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